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Pink Sugar

We Make Dating Fun

Join a diverse community of like-minded individuals eager to make connections. Our speed dating events attract people of various ages, backgrounds, and interests, offering you the opportunity to meet someone truly compatible.

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Meet Your Match in Minutes

Discover the power of efficient dating with our speed dating events! Meet a variety of potential partners in one evening, making the most of your time and increasing your chances of finding a meaningful connection.

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Relaxed Experience

Say goodbye to awkward first encounters! With our structured format, you'll engage in short, no-pressure conversations with potential matches. It's the perfect way to make meaningful connections without the stress of traditional dating.

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Make Connections

With 10 mini dates in one evening, you'll connect with a broad range of people, increasing the likelihood of finding someone compatible. Our smart matching based on feedback allows us to facilitate follow-up connections with individuals who share mutual interest, allowing for continued interaction beyond the event.


Salt Lake's Newest Speed Dating Adventure

 Strike your Match Speed Dating is an exciting venture poised to transform the dating landscape by introducing a fresh and dynamic approach to meeting potential partners. With a focus on creating genuine connections, our events provide a structured yet enjoyable platform for singles to engage in meaningful conversations. Join our exclusive speed dating events with limited spaces available. This ensures a personalized experience and higher quality connections. Reserve your spot now for an evening of possibilities!


Tips for a successful evening

10 Tips for finding meaningful connections 

1. Be Open-Minded - Approach the event with an open mind and positive attitude. Be willing to meet a variety of people with different personalities and interests. 

2. Create a Memorable First Impression - Dress appropriately and present yourself in a way that reflects your personality. A warm and genuine smile can go a long way in creating a positive first impression. 

3. Active Listening - Show genuine interest in what they are saying, ask follow-up questions to demonstrate you're engaged in the conversation. 

4. Use Icebreakers Effectively - Take advantage of the icebreaker questions provide. These can be conversation starters to learn more about your date and share interesting aspects about yourself. 

5. Focus on Positives - Keep the conversation light and positive. Highlight your interests, hobbies and try to stay away from negative or controversial topics. 

6. Find Common Ground - Look for common interests or shared experiences during the brief 5 minute conversation. Finding common ground early can create a sense of connection and compatibility. 

7. Be Authentic - Be yourself and let your personality shine. Authenticity is the key to creating genuine connections. 

8. Manage Time Wisely - Pay attention to the time constraints of each mini date. Use your time wisely to cover essential topics and get a true sense of whether there is a potential for a connection. 

9. Express Interest - If you feel a connection with someone, don't hesitate to let them know either verbally or with body language. 

10. Take Notes - Taking notes can help you remember key details about each person and assist in making decisions during the matching process. 

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